6-WEEK Resolution 
This challenge is designed to shed pounds and lean up all while adding strength and confidence.  In this course you will be lead by our staff of enthusiastic and knowledgeable coaches all the while being in a fun, upbeat atmosphere.  They will teach you the correct form and technique of several movements found in a typical CrossFit class, emphasizing proper mechanics for a safe and efficient workout.
Designed for the men and women who want to take control of their health in 2018! 


  • 6 Weeks of Classes

  • 4 Classes Per week

    • Mon/Tues/Thurs @ 9:15AM or 7PM​

    • Sat @ 9AM

  • Before and After Weigh Ins

  • Before and After Photos

  • Before and After Measurements

  • Before and After Body Fat Analysis Using the InBody 270 ($50 Value)

  • Private Facebook Group 

  • Professional Coaching

  • 5 Week Meal Plan

  • Food Guide / Shopping List

  • Software to track eating habits

  • Dietary Education

  • Dietary Education/Guidance

  • Workout tracking 

  • Results Driven Programming

  • Your Success, Is Our Success!

Results and Reviews

I won't lie I was very skeptical on coming to CrossFit, my brother has been begging me for a year to come. I was adamant I am not going in there. I can't keep up with them and didn't want to be judged or feel worse about how out of shape I am. Boy was I wrong. This place was amazing very welcoming, encouraging and overall very friendly. From the trainer to the other class participants. I definitely would highly recommend this place to everyone from beginners to Advanced. Thank you for that experience. -Sandy B


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START DATE: January 15th 2018

CLASS TIMES: 9:15AM or 7:00PM  (Sat @ 9AM)

DURATION: 6 Weeks X 4 Days Per Week


EXPERIENCE: The great thing about this challenge is that no prior Crossfit experience is required.  You don't need to "get in shape" to get in shape, sign up and we will lead the way!


To keep the quality of each class at a premium and provide the best experience possible we will only be accepting 8 participants per class time.  

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