You have taken the first step towards a fitter/healthier version of yourself! 

At Muskegon CrossFit our mission is to lead as many people like you towards a longer and more productive life through exercise and nutrition coaching.

If you are on this page then someone you know has recommended us because they are on that very same path and thought you might enjoy our unique and fun fitness classes.

The gift you received is good for $50 off your first month of our CrossFit or Bootcamp membership.  We don't usually discount our services but since we have a friend in common we can make an exception.


If you are ready to take the next steps you have a few options:  

Schedule A

No Sweat Intro

Meet one of our great coaches and have any of your questions answered.

A 15 Minute Q&A that includes a facility tour, learning more about what CrossFit training is and what it can do for you.

Reserve Your

Free Bootcamp 


Jump right in to one of our bootcamp classes to see what sets our program apart from the rest.  Our coaches will make you feel right at home and you just might make a friend or two!  

Learn More @

Our Homepage

Whats the class schedule like?

Where are you located?

Am I fit enough to do CrossFit?

All of these things can be found at our website. 

Just Follow the link! 

We can't wait to meet you!  Feel free to reach out via phone or email (info below) if you have any questions at all and just remember to bring in or mention the card that you received.    

Call us: 231-670-9211

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